Where will you sleep?

In your dream room.

Every person is unique. People differ in their lifestyles, tastes, as well as their requirements for rest. We had the idea of ​​different design and comfort requirements in mind when creating our rooms. Whether you like rustic, Provence, nautical, Nordic, chateau, Paloma, cowboy, India vintage or English countryside style, you can find it at our resort.

No. 1
Rustic Suite

No. 2
Provence Suite

No. 3
Sailor Suite

No. 4
Nordic Room

No. 5
Chateau Room

No. 6
Paloma Room

No. 7
Countryside Room

No. 8

No. 9
Vintage Room

Resort Mlyn Cernovice - No. 10 Wild Room

No. 10
Wild Room

No. 11
Wild Room

No. 12
Pink Room

No. 13
Pink Room

No. 14
Modern Style Room

No. 15
Modern Style Room

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